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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Oh to be a kid again!

                  Oh to be a kid again!
As i write this i am sat at the mother-in-laws watching the children play! Oh to be a kid again!

The innocent imagination and how small things are pure entertainment. When did being an 'adult' make things boring?
I just watched them play in a tent and put a small table on there and play sweet restaurant!

Right now they are bouncing on a trampoline! Oh to be a kid again!
Being an adult is so boring! You have to supervise and make sure the kids are ok.
However really i want to play sweet shops and jump on a trampoline!

I wish i could be a kid again for a day when putting some cushions on the floor and finding different ways to jump on them. Making hours pass with a blink of eye!

Not only that but raiding the sweet cupboard is more then acceptable especially as we are at the kids nannas!

In fact being a kid and going to your grandparents. Where mum and dads rules no longer apply!! Oh to be a kid again!

What do you miss from being a kid?

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